Welcome to Clarks Valley Zion E.C. Church

Our prayer is that you would be blessed and strengthened by the power of Jesus Christ and that you will live a life of abundance in fellowship, joy and liberty. CVZ church is here for you. It is not just a church. It is a fellowship of believers coming together to declare the glory of the Lord and celebrate Jesus as King. We study the Word, practice what we learn and in the process grow together. May God richly bless you!
All are Welcome to Worship with us!
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CVZ2africa team
The CVZ 2 Africa Team has returned from a mission trip to a school in Tanzania Africa. They ran a vacation bible school, did some community outreach and  construction around the school. Thank you for all of prayers and support for the CVZ 2 Africa team as they spread the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in Tanzania. Check our CVZ Facebook page for pictures of the
CVZ 2 Africa team’s mission trip.
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July 2016

Set the Table

Focus: Ananias & Barnabas set the table for the world to feast on Saul’s teaching. Acts 9:10-30

June 2016

The Great Pursuit

The Real Deal

 Focus: Philip – little know but a man of great impact. Acts 8

Passing the Test

Focus:   Stephen’s sermon resulted in his stoning but seeds were planted. Acts 6:8-7:59

Role Players

Focus:  Choosing the seven, filling the roles necessary to take care of all the needs. Acts 6:1-7