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Dear Members/friends of Clark’s Valley Zion E.C. Church (CVZ)

     These are unique times to say the least and I’m sure that your life has been disrupted to some degree during the past several months. I pray that during this time you have taken advantage of the interruption in your “normal” schedules to become more closely connected to God. We, at CVZ, have provided several avenues for this to happen, although I know that some of you do not have the technological capabilities to participate in all the opportunities we have provided.

     Please know that even though we have been physically separated, we are still the body of Christ, His church, and that during this time each of us have served as representatives of God’s Kingdom in our every word and action. Although a physical building has never been and never will represent the “church,” down through history the corporate gathering of Christ’s body in a physical building has been part of the tradition of Christ’s followers. For some of you this break in tradition has caused you to struggle without having the normalcy of Sunday morning corporate gatherings for services. I know that others have flourished during this time and have continued to be nourished without the traditional worship setting.

     In an attempt to minister to our fullest extent at CVZ, while staying aware of various attitudes and concerns in regard to safety and the desire to gather together corporately, the Official Board has decided to reopen in a gradual manner. The first step in opening is through having “drive in” outdoor services beginning June 21. The guidelines for these services are included in a separate document. Please take a moment to look over the document so you are aware of how these services will take place. I know some of you are anxious to return for corporate services and some of you are reluctant. Please know that your safety and the comfort level of everyone is extremely important to the leadership at CVZ. If you are hesitant to attend a “drive in” service we understand and we will continue to provide other avenues so that you may be fed spiritually. 

     Thank you for your faithful support of CVZ during this difficult time. Through your amazing faithfulness CVZ has served as a beacon of hope in some very tangible ways during this pandemic. I cannot put into words the privilege it has been to be your pastor, as you, the body of Christ at CVZ has overcome and represented God’s Kingdom so powerfully during these difficult times.

God’s Peace

Pastor Mike   

Reopening Guidelines for CVZ (Starting June 21, 2020 –

(weather permitting)

We will still have two services at our regular times: 8:30 & 10:45

The services will be weather dependent. 

  1. Outdoor seating will be available in designated spots outlined on the grass. If you want to sit in a designated area, you will be responsible to bring your own lawn chairs.
  2. You can stay in your car if you desire. A FM frequency will allow you to listen to the service with your air-conditioning or heat running depending on the weather.
  3. Music sheets will be available online so you can print them and bring them to the service. If you do not have the capability to print the music sheet, a gloved attendant will provide you with the music.
  4. A designated offering container will be available or you can continue to financially support CVZ online or via the U.S. Postal Service.
  5. One rest room will be available entering through the West narthex. It is handicap accessible with the availability of an elevator for access.
  6. A parking lot attendant will direct you to a parking spot determined by your preference to remain in your car or sit in a lawn chair.
  7. I know there are strong opinions in regard to wearing masks. Jesus taught that as His followers we need to be considerate of others. In order to be obedient to Jesus’ teachings, this is the policy that we will follow as the body of Christ. Please bring a mask. If you want to interact with someone and they are wearing a mask that means you need to wear your mask. This is a simple gesture of extending grace to others. This is not an issue of “right or wrong” it is an issue of courtesy and respect.
  8. In case of inclement weather that would cause the service to be cancelled, notification will take place via email. If you do not have the capability to receive emails, call Pastor Mike at (717) 439-8355. Each service will be considered for cancellation individually. If the first service is cancelled you are free to attend the second service.  

If you have any questions in regard to these guidelines please contact Pastor Mike at (717) 439-8355      

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