ACT Drama Group presents…

ACT Jr.—A drama program specifically for kids in elementary school through middle school led by Amber Boltz. This kids drama program will run through the spring ending with a kids musical production of The Prodigal Clown-with 2 performances on May 19.
ACT Jr. will hold rehearsals on Thursday evenings 6:00-7:30pm. An Informational Meeting will be held Sunday, February 17 5:00pm at CVZ Church so parents can come and hear about the production rehearsal schedule, auditions and what commitment is needed to be apart of this year’s spring production.
All Kids are welcome to be apart of this drama ministry, it is not just for CVZ Kids but open to the community. So kids that are interested in drama, singing and dancing, here is your chance to shine for Jesus- and be sure to invite your friends, too. So get ready to act up as we begin ACT Jr. and the Kids Spring Production—The Prodigal Clown.

CVZ Fellowship and Outreach Committee

The first meeting of the CVZ Fellowship and Outreach Committee will be January 15 at 6:00pm
The purpose of the CVZ Fellowship and Outreach Committee is to foster a sense of community and develop a support structure among members of CVZ as well as to foster goodwill, enhance visibility and promote church programs to the local community at large with the aim of advancing the Gospel and Christian Values.
Some events that fall under this committee are: Easter Egg Hunt, FFFN, and the CVZ Softball team. This committee will also explore other ideas for events and community outreach as it meets and grows.
If you are interested in learning more about this committee please contact Jessica Megonnell, who will be leading this committee, and/or attend the first meeting on January 15th at 6:00.

CVZ Youth Programs Starting Up

New School Year means the start of our CVZ youth programs

Youth: 6th grade through 12th grade
Meet:  Wednesdays at 7pm– 8pm
Sept.: “Priceless” Movie Study Series

Youth Program for Children: Kindergarten – 5th Grade Meet: Every Wednesday 6:00pm –7:00pm Bible Series: Hillsong Kids Start Date: September 5

Journey Partners

“Journey Partners” is a one on one discipleship program instituted here at CVZ in 2009.  The bookmark format allows the participants to engage in their partner’s life, hold each other accountable and lift each other up in intercessory prayer.  The previous Sunday’s sermon is explored in greater depth through questions and scripture reading.

If you are interested in being a Journey Partner for the new cycle (beginning Sept. 17) and being paired one on one with the promise to meet regularly, please contact Pastor Mike or Ruth Knapp.   You are free to continue with a past partnership or begin with a new partner. 

Journey Partners: Look for the shoe in the North narthex containing each week’s cards.

May God richly bless your experience.