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February 2016

Mixed Nuts

Focus:  The whole chapter is filled w/parables beginning with: “The kingdom of heaven is like…” Jesus illuminates the kingdom through the stories. One cannot pick & choose just what they want to obey. Matthew 13: 10-13

Family Dynamics

Focus: The centerpiece of Matthew’s gospel looks at kingdom relationships & God’s will. Matthew 12:46-50 


Focus: Jesus sends out His disciples to proclaim the kingdom. Evangelism is commissioned Matthew 10:1-8; 32

Tainted Image

Focus: Jesus’ calling of Matthew. Matthew’s perspective as a Gospel writer was impacted by Jesus’ calling of him, a tax collector. Matthew 9:9-13

January 2016

The Candy Store Challenge

Focus:  The wilderness temptation = the defeat of Satan. Victory is possible through God’s Word. Matthew 4:1-11,17