Journey Partners

“Journey Partners” is a one on one discipleship program instituted here at CVZ in 2009.  The bookmark format allows the participants to engage in their partner’s life, hold each other accountable and lift each other up in intercessory prayer.  The previous Sunday’s sermon is explored in greater depth through questions and scripture reading.

If you are interested in being a Journey Partner for the new cycle (beginning Sept. 17) and being paired one on one with the promise to meet regularly, please contact Pastor Mike or Ruth Knapp.   You are free to continue with a past partnership or begin with a new partner. 

Journey Partners: Look for the shoe in the North narthex containing each week’s cards.

May God richly bless your experience.


This year, instead of collecting school supplies for Joe Toy and his Inner City  Philadelphia ministry, we included funds in our annual budget.  On August 11, a carload of boxes were delivered to Joe’s home.
We have received the following from Joe:
We are thankful to all the churches that gave to the “Back to School” outreach. This year we were able to give out 50 backpacks filled with  supplies and another 100 bags filled with supplies, plus supplies to a teacher, and supplies to be given by the pastors at two churches in the inner city.  –  God Bless – Joe Toy

Joe Toy will be our Missionary Prayer Partner in October.  This is an opportunity for you to partner with Joe in prayer on a specific date – he and Wendy will pray for you as you pray for them.  Please see the display in either narthex to get your prayer partner slip, fill it out, and return it to Pat Lex or Shirley Shoop by September 24 (so they get all the slips before October begins). 



Feasibility Study

The report prepared by Jeffrey Knauer, EVP, Kirby-Smith Associates is available for download.