February 2019

Encountering God Causes Courage

Joshua encountered God and God infused courage. Joshua’s fear was counteracted by God’s promise resulting in Joshua being equipped and encouraged.

Encountering God Causes Confidence

When Moses encountered God he made every excuse in the book to try and justify not doing what God was asking of him. God chose Moses for an impossible task which would ultimately glorify God out of the impossibility. Moses became confident, not in self but in God.

January 2019

Encountering God Causes Commissioning

Noah walked with God and his encounter led to God’s commissioning to provide for mankind. God’s commissioning should be looked at as a privilege not a burden.

Encountering God Causes Communion

Adam’s encounter with God, before “the fall,” resulted in communion with God. In this communion we see evidence of eternity. Eternal communion with God is a reality. Communion with God is available now!

November 2018

The Unopened Gift

Peace replaces fear. Jesus promised the gift of peace through the Holy Spirit – open the gift!