February 2016

Tainted Image

Focus: Jesus’ calling of Matthew. Matthew’s perspective as a Gospel writer was impacted by Jesus’ calling of him, a tax collector. Matthew 9:9-13

January 2016

The Candy Store Challenge

Focus:  The wilderness temptation = the defeat of Satan. Victory is possible through God’s Word. Matthew 4:1-11,17 

U Turns Allowed

Focus: Kingdom eligibility – repentance necessary!    A changed life is evidence of one’s repentance. Matthew 3:1-12

The Unveiling

Focus: Jesus’ common, even criminal ancestors makes Him relatable to us who are attempting to move forward. Matthew 1

December 2015

What a Response

Focus: The magi are seeking the “King of the Jews” Herod responds by asking where is the “Christ?” His advisors respond with prophetic writing of a “Shepherd”  Matthew 2:1-12