November 2018

The Battle Field

October 2018

Be Courageous

Fear can be paralyzing. Jesus’ calling of the fishermen included His challenge to not be afraid. The courage to move forward in spite of fear allows God to do great things through us.

Storm Whisperer

Jesus is awakened from sleep to calm a storm – the disciples were amazed! How limited is our faith? What boundaries do we place upon God that keep us from realizing the majesty of His true nature?  

Safety Deposit Box

Jesus sends out His twelve disciples with specific instructions and warns them of many dangers ahead but challenges them to not be afraid. Jesus assures them & us of our value to the Father. If we are valued so highly by the Father do we trust that He will care for us, if so why […]

September 2018

Carousel Theology

Our liturgy of “turning” includes asking God for forgiveness; renouncing false security & expressing our faith in God’s fatherly love. God’s song of “turning” promises that we will flourish, others will flourish through us & God will make us flourish like nothing else can.