September 2018

Reaping what You Sow

The truth of Hosea is the same for us today. If we sow the wind, putting comfort, money, career, or other people before God, we too will reap a whirlwind. If we sow the Spirit of God, we reap the harvest of His love, protection and eternal life. 

August 2018

Winds of Change

Repentance must focus on sorrow for sin, turning from sin, and turning to God – not on religious ritual. Numerous examples are used in the scripture text as God exposes our sin, so sinners will seek true repentance 

Cloud Cover

Israel refuses to obey their covenant with God. They acted with godless indifference, sin-seeking preferences and revolting practices of idolatry which caused a Holy God to call down judgment on the people who ignore Him. Although God does hide Himself from us when we blatantly and consistently disobey Him He never abandons us.

Renewing Your Vows

God calls on Hosea to renew his marriage vows with his wife to illustrate God’s new covenant with His people.

The Impossible Love Affair

Hosea is called to integrate his life into the message God is proclaiming toward Israel. Evidence is given of how far God is willing to go to reclaim His bride.