Church Service 07/24/2022

Church Service 06/26/2022

Church Service 06/19/2022


In light of the relaxed COVID regulations the Worship Committee at CVZ has adjusted our guidelines for our Sunday morning services:
Both entrances will be available
If you have been fully vaccinated you do not need to wear a mask inside or socially distance. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask you are certainly encouraged to wear one. If you want to interact with someone and they are wearing a mask please be graciously respectful of their concern and have a mask available to wear while interacting with them
There will not be seating attendants to seat you
There will be a designated area on the left side of the sanctuary, the first four pews for those who want to socially distance themselves (the sound room side of the sanctuary). These four pews will still be sanitized between services.
Congregational singing will resume and the hymnals & Bibles will be placed back in the pews
Bulletins will not be printed at the present time and will be considered upon the hiring of a new church secretary
The offering plates will continue to be available at both narthexes

Stay connected to God & to others
God’s Peace
Pastor Mike