Church Service 11/28/2021

Church Service 11/21/2021


In light of the relaxed COVID regulations the Worship Committee at CVZ has adjusted our guidelines for our Sunday morning services:
Both entrances will be available
If you have been fully vaccinated you do not need to wear a mask inside or socially distance. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask you are certainly encouraged to wear one. If you want to interact with someone and they are wearing a mask please be graciously respectful of their concern and have a mask available to wear while interacting with them
There will not be seating attendants to seat you
There will be a designated area on the left side of the sanctuary, the first four pews for those who want to socially distance themselves (the sound room side of the sanctuary). These four pews will still be sanitized between services.
Congregational singing will resume and the hymnals & Bibles will be placed back in the pews
Bulletins will not be printed at the present time and will be considered upon the hiring of a new church secretary
The offering plates will continue to be available at both narthexes

This Sunday is the 5th Sunday of the month, buckets will be available at both narthexes if you wish to contribute to the Mercy Fund (a fund designated to assist those who may have specific needs)

The first and third Sundays of June, July, and August we will have our services outside, weather permitting. If the weather is not conducive for being outdoors we will worship in the sanctuary. 

Thursday, June 3 at 6:30 pm we will have another Praise in the Park, at the carnival grounds in Dauphin. A full praise band will be leading us in our time of praise. Please invite your friends and neighbors for this time of praise and worship.

Stay connected to God & to others
God’s Peace
Pastor Mike


Blessings to you all. I shared this message on the church’s answering machine this morning on “A Voice of Hope.” I have a request of all of you, I am asking that next week, “Holy Week” on Thursday, in commemoration of Jesus’ prayer to His Father at the garden of Gethsemane we will join together and “Bend a Knee” in prayer at 12:00 noon. Beginning next Thursday, April 9, and every Thursday following, until this corona virus is defeated I am asking that we “Bend a Knee” in prayer. If you are not able to physically do so, just pause at noon on Thursdays and pray. As I shared with you in an earlier email, pray for the brave men & women who are serving so valiantly on the front lines against the covid 19 virus. Prayer is powerful and God is able, so pray for our world and those who have been affected in any way by the corona-virus. Many people are scared and hurting in various ways. May we as God’s children rise up and storm God’s throne room of grace on their behalf. God often waits for His children to ask in earnestness & like any loving father He loves to respond to the requests of His children. 

I will be ringing the church bell at CVZ at noon next Thursday and every Thursday at noon thereafter until this virus is defeated. I will be reaching out to other churches to see if they are willing to participate along with us. If you are willing to participate, I am asking that no matter where you are, whether at work, at home, at the store or anywhere you are on Thursdays at noon, you will “Bend A Knee” in prayer. 

Hebrews 4:16 tells us to “…approach God’s throne of grace with confidence (“boldly” according to the NLT) so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.” I am asking you to help pass the word that many others will join with us to seek God’s provision during this time of calamity.
God’s Peace 
Pastor Mike

“A Voice of Hope”

A message from our Pastor:

Because we are being encouraged to limit our traveling which means we cannot gather together as a corporate body for worship services or really in any other larger group capacity, I still want to share a message of hope that is only found in Christ Jesus. In order to accomplish this during this time of travel and gathering restrictions, starting tomorrow Friday, March 20, I will be placing on our church phone line a daily message which I am calling “A Voice of Hope.” These short messages will include a scripture text that hopefully will encourage you during these difficult times. I will be placing a new message on our church answering machine every day at 7:00 AM. You can call the church phone at (717) 921-8153 to receive the daily message. Please feel free to share this phone number with others so that they too may be encouraged.