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March 2019

Encountering Christ Causes Consideration

The rich man sought out Jesus to gain assurance of entrance into Jesus’ kingdom. The encounter with Jesus made the rich man consider what was a priority in his life. What is a priority in your life?

Encountering Christ Causes Clarification

Jesus heals a Centurion’s servant. The encounter with Jesus verified the Centurion’s belief in the authority of Jesus – what needs to be done to verify your thinking about Jesus?

Encountering Christ Causes Cleansing

Jesus heals a man with leprosy. The encounter with Jesus resulted in cleansing and sharing the “Good News”  

February 2019

Encountering God Causes a Champion

Josiah abandoned the evil practices of his father King Amon. Josiah sought the Lord and when he encountered Him he realized his proper response was detailed in God’s Word.

Encountering God Causes Connection

Samuel didn’t recognize God’s call. When Samuel realized God’s callhis obedience began a lifetime of speaking on God’s behalf.