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April 2022

The Journey Home

The significance of Jesus’ ascension is often overlooked as the beginning of a new chapter for His early followers & it has great importance for us as His followers today!

The Journey of Victory (Easter Sunday)

The Easter story often focuses on the early morning encounter Jesus had with the women but His evening encounter w/His followers is vital to the Easter message.

The Journey to Jerusalem

Palm Sunday – Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem was one of purpose but also one of sadness & trepidation for His followers. Fulfilling God’s plan sometimes places us in uncomfortable situations but answering yes to God’s call should always be our response.

The Journey Begins

God had a plan for the redemption of mankind. The Eternal Son was a willing participant in this plan of redemption. Although the plan had been established before mankind ever came into existence the journey of the Eternal Son began with His birth.

March 2022

The Blessing

Peter’s final gifts are blessing. Some are available now & some await you in the future. As you study them, they’ll encourage you to put Peter’s teachings into practice.